Sour-spicy vegetable soup

sour-spicy vegetable soup

Dead-easy, spicy, fresh and delicious

This recipe is perfect if you are looking for a new twist to a normal vegetable soup or also nice and warming when it’s cold outside. I personally love the lemon juice and mint, because they are a great counterpart to the spiciness from the chili. Also, this soup is that it is very easy and quick to make, so even if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking or don’t cook often, this should not be a problem. I am pretty sure it’s the easiest recipe I know!
Ingredient-wise it’s easiest to just buy a mirepoix in the supermarket, it basically contains all the veggies you need for this soup.
Note that the longer you cook the soup the spicier it will get and the bigger you cut the chunks of vegetables to longer you will have to cook them (duh!). Continue reading