Sunday pork roast on a sweet potato, apple and root veggie bed

Pork roast with apple, sweet potato & root vegetables

Warming comfort food happiness for grey Sundays

I was standing in the supermarket in the meat section last Saturday and started to wonder what ever happened to the good old Sunday roast. “Time to give it a go”, I figured, and took a nice piece of pork neck home with me. Pork roast is an Austrian classic, traditionally served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings and not usually placed in the “healthy” section of a menu. But since I need my beloved vegetables, I decided to go in a different direction and to serve the roast with sage, roast apples, (sweet) potatoes and a bunch of root vegetables.  Continue reading

Crunchy winter salad with root vegetables, warm goat cheese and smoked bacon

Crunchy winter salad

A salad that adds color to you life

This salad has a nice fall / winter feeling to it and is filled with flavors and different textures: celery-apple and orange-carrot always work together nicely and together with the walnuts add a nice crunch, radicchio salad has this slight bitterness, which is balanced by the sweetness of the honey-mustard dressing, the warm goat cheese adds a beautiful creaminess topped off by a lovely smokey flavor from the bacon. There are so many delicious vegetables in it, it’s filled with vitamins and just generally speaking, a very healthy meal. If you’re vegetarian, you can either just leave out the bacon or maybe replace the bacon with some smoked tofu if you want the smokey flavor (I think, but haven’t tried it!). Serve with some toasted dark bread, you’ll love it!

Just one quick note on how to get the orange meat out if it the easiest way: first cut off top and bottom of the oranges, so they will not roll around anymore. Next, cut off the peel on the sides making sure that as little of the white stuff remains. You will see where the skin between the slices is now. Just cut into the orange as closely to the skin as you can and remove piece by piece. Continue reading