Green spring veggies turkey roulade

spring veg turkey roulade-1-5

Easy & healthy dish with tons of fresh spring flavors

Spring is super awesome, because of all these fresh vegetables that are now in season… asparagus, green beans, spring onions and friends – here we come!

As it gets warmerΒ it’s time for some light lunch recipes. πŸ™‚
This recipe is really nice, because it’s very light, easy to prepare and comes with a refreshing white wine sauce – you’ll love it!

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Orient-inspired lamb salad with pomegranate, figs and mint

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Crunchy vegetables, tender lamb, tons of flavors

This is a lovely salad that combines oriental flavors, different textures and healthy ingredients.
The lamb works perfectly with the sweetness from pomegranate and figs. Fennel, peppers and almonds add a crunch to the salad, the mint gives the whole salad a nice kick. If you want it to be creamy as well, add some (soft) goat cheese, just make sure its flavor is not too strong. All in all, I love how all the ingredients work together!
If you’re into salads, but like to step it up once in a while, this is the right dish for you. It might take a bit longer to make this salad, but it’s totally worth it. Just try it out and let me know what you think! Continue reading

Turkey chorizo sandwich with guacamole

Turkey-chorizo sandwich

Incredibly tasty, light, creamy and healthy

This is a great sandwich for a light lunch. What is great about this sandwich is not only the flavors, but also a lot of different textures. You have crispy, spicy chorizo, tender turkey breats, zingy and creamy guacamole – what else could you ask for?

What is most important is to use ripe avocados for the guacamole (otherwise, masking the avocados will be difficult and it won’t be as creamy and/or tasty). If you want to, just double the amount of ingredients of the guacamole and you can enjoy it another time with some tortilla chips or similar, which is great as well. Continue reading