Sunday pork roast on a sweet potato, apple and root veggie bed

Pork roast with apple, sweet potato & root vegetables

Warming comfort food happiness for grey Sundays

I was standing in the supermarket in the meat section last Saturday and started to wonder what ever happened to the good old Sunday roast. “Time to give it a go”, I figured, and took a nice piece of pork neck home with me. Pork roast is an Austrian classic, traditionally served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings and not usually placed in the “healthy” section of a menu. But since I need my beloved vegetables, I decided to go in a different direction and to serve the roast with sage, roast apples, (sweet) potatoes and a bunch of root vegetables.  Continue reading

Spiced pumpkin, cranberry & goat cheese tarte flambée


Delicious & easy fall food as a starter to share or a 1-person dinner

I just love to make tarte flambée. I swear, I could make & eat it almost every single night, because it’s quick and easy to make and simply delicious.

It’s (almost) pizza, has an amazingly crispy bottom that only takes 3 minutes to prepare, you can top it with anything you like and baking time is 10 minutes, which makes it incredibly quick.

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Aromatic baby spinach, grape and gorgonzola quiche

grape gorgonzola & spinach tart 2

Comfort food quiche for cold & grey fall days

The weather has been cold and grey lately, so I’ve been looking for something with some stronger flavors. Also, I really love baking things when it’s cold outside, because the oven warms up the whole apartment, it smells delicious and since I admittedly make a mess in the kitchen while cooking it’s good to have time to fix that 😛

Since I’ve been going around the countryside and seen amazing grapes I decided I should integrate them into a recipe. And what fits better to grapes than cheese (and walnuts)?

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Oh-so-good brainfood muffins with carrot, lemon-lime drizzle & pumpkin seeds

carrot muffin 17.jpg

Oh-so-healthy & delicious fall-flavored carrot muffins

Soooooo I tried did a little experiment with this recipe. My intention was to create muffins without any butter or sugar and to replace these two by healthier, more nourishing ingredients. And for the dough, this wasn’t a problem at all, because I just used avocado instead of butter and dates instead of sugar. I’m really impressed with the result: super moist, carrot cake spiced muffins with a little twang from the lemon-lime drizzle. Continue reading

Styrian-style baked camembert & apple salad with pumpkin seed oil

Styrian-style baked camembert salad

Melted cheese in a crunchy crust, warm apples, great fall flavors

I really love salads, but when it gets colder outside I feel like I need to add a bit of substance to them, as they leave me a bit unsatisfied if it’s just vegetables and nothing else.
This salad is really great for fall, because you have delicious, warm, melted cheese, sweet, baked apples to complement it and the pumpkin seed crust adds a nice, yet healthy, crunch. Additionally, it features nourishing beans and potatoes – so all in all you have your proteins and good carbs covered – essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals from the  pumpkin seed oil and last but not least vegetables for more vitamins and to loosen everything up a bit.

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1001 night-spiced lentil and vegetable stew

lentil & vegetable stew

Warming orient-spiced fall stew with lots of veggies

When fall hits it’s stew time for me, so I’ve been making lots of different ones lately because they are also perfect to take to the office as lunch the next day (or five, in my case 😉 ).

This is a boldly spiced orient-inspired vegetarian lentil stew, which is sweet because of raisins and pomegranate, spicy due to chili and has all these great spices that will warm you up from the inside. Also, there are lots of veggies inside and it’s quick and easy to prepare – perfect when you come home at night, don’t feel like doing anything too fancy yet healthy.

Also, this is a great healthy dish to make if you are on a budget (maybe just leave out the pomegranate seeds).

You can eat this stew without any side dishes, since lentils are very nourishing. However, I like it best with some couscous or bulgur.

Ready for a little trip to Scheherazade’s world? Then let’s do this! 🙂

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Fish Lorraine

Fish Lorraine

A new interpretation of the most famous quiche

First recipe in almost two months!!
I found a new and very cool flat mate (Pablo, he’s Spanish) recently and between moving stuff around, going to Ikea and a bit of a rough patch in terms of motivation and creativity time has been flying. Can you believe it’s Christmas in two months?? Crazy!!

Anyway, I’m back and after a burst of creativity (I mean it, I literally sat there around a week ago and suddenly around 10 recipe ideas hit me out of nowhere!! :D). So now I’m busy cooking and trying all these things) I’m incredibly excited about this recipe.

We all know the classic quiche Lorraine, but I wanted to give the whole idea of Lorraine a new spin. Quiche Lorraine is delicious, but not exactly healthy. Also, making pastry, blind baking etc. just takes FOREVER! This is why this recipe is great! You have a potato base, so no mixing stuff together, kneading, cooling, blind baking etc., which is also healthier and saves time. Also, I think it’s a really nice way of preparing fish (kids will love it!) aaaaaaand last but not least you have this amazing Lorrain flavor 🙂 Hidden with the fish you’ll also discover this hint-of-lemon flavor that I find great.

Now, to call this dish outright healthy might be a bit of a stretch due to all the cheese in it. However, it features lean protein from eggs and fish, omega-3 fatty acids and good carbs (=potatoes). And while it is true that sour cream and cheese contain quite a bit of fat, they are also high in protein and contain lots of calcium, vitamin D, potassium and magnesium. Last but not least, bacon just makes (almost) every dish more delicious 😉
So if you are looking for a way to make this dish almost super healthy, I suggest to serve if with a nice veggie salad containing tomatoes, avocado, bell pepper etc. 🙂

Sounds convincing? Great – let’s get this cooking!

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