Oh-so-good brainfood muffins with carrot, lemon-lime drizzle & pumpkin seeds

carrot muffin 17.jpg

Oh-so-healthy & delicious fall-flavored carrot muffins

Soooooo I tried did a little experiment with this recipe. My intention was to create muffins without any butter or sugar and to replace these two by healthier, more nourishing ingredients. And for the dough, this wasn’t a problem at all, because I just used avocado instead of butter and dates instead of sugar. I’m really impressed with the result: super moist, carrot cake spiced muffins with a little twang from the lemon-lime drizzle. Continue reading

15-minute recipe: rye bread 2.0 with a crunchy crust

rye bread 2.0-1-3

Fool proof delicious recipe for a fresh & healthy bread with incredible crust

About a year ago I posted a super quick & easy rye bread recipe here for the first time. This bread takes it all to the next level. Soft texture, beautifully scented with the bread spices and a crust to kneel down for. It’s amazing! And the best thing is that it only takes 15 minutes to prepare (+ baking time, that is).

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Sunday morning lavender & honey spelt plait

lavender & honey spelt plait-2-4

Sunday morning brunch perfection

Close your eyes and imagine the sun shining in through the windows and your whole apartment or house is filled with the smell of fresh bread. Amazing, isn’t it? For me, this is the picture of Sunday morning. Add a good cup of coffee and we’re right at perfection.

This plait is heavenly, because it’s texture is so soft and fluffy, it’s fantastic. I added some lavender and lemon zest, which gives the plait and amazing delicate flavor. It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning brunch with family and friends.

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Warming dark chocolate & orange banana loaf

chocolate orange banana bread-2

Warming winter deliciousness

Christmas is almost around the corner so I figured it’s time to get out these winter flavors. Do you know the feeling when you’re baking something, your whole apartment smalls of it and you just wander around absorbing the amazing smell and feeling genuinely happy and excited about eating your treat? I’ve been doing that a lot while baking this loaf 🙂

This dark chocolate & orange banana loaf is simply great. It has an intense dark chocolate aroma which is complemented by warming orange and crunchy walnut bits. It’s basically like eating a dark-chocolate&orange truffle. 🙂 Continue reading

A hint of gingerbread buns with almonds & raisins

Taste of gingerbread

Delicious winter treat for a day cuddling on the couch

Hmmmmm these buns are just super awesome! They are so warming and delicious, perfect for a day when it’s cold and grey outside and you just want to cuddle up on your couch with a blanket and a cup of tea. The great thing? They are also healthy 🙂

I used spelt and rye flour, so these treats are very wholesome. Also, cinnamon, apple and honey in combination with the sweetness of the raisins and the distinct rye flavor remind me a lot of ginger bread – perfect for the season! Crunchy almonds complement the whole ginger bread idea perfectly. Additionally, they are high in protein, provide healthy omega 3 fatty acids, and, just like raisins, are high in minerals and bring a lovely sweetness. Cinnamon gets your metabolism going and last but not least apple provides vitamins and fiber. Not to forget that cinnamon-apple-raisin combos are simply to die for 🙂

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Ultimately satisfying, quick, super seedy rye bread with carrot

rye bread super easy

Super healthy, super quick, super delicious

So it’s been pretty busy at work lately which is why I didn’t manage to post any new recipes in the past weeks (that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep on trying new recipe ideas of course!).

I went to see a friend one weekend and her mum was talking about a super quick and easy bread baking recipe which didn’t require sourdough nor time for proving, which got me interested in the first place, because while I like baking and making food from scratch, baking bread always seemed like something for which you need a whole afternoon or so, which was quite deterrent. Also, when looking at the ingredient list on store-bought bread I always wondered why so many stabilizers, colorants etc. had to go into it. I admit to being a bit overly concerned in this respect, but I don’t want any of that stuff in my food.

This bread is the solution! It’s no-frills, just clean and good-for-you ingredients. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds provide plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and nutrients, like magnesium, manganese,  copper etc. while carrot (well hello, vitamin A and friends) also ensures that the bread doesn’t dry out. It tastes absolutely delicious, will last for a week or maybe even longer and, that’s the best part, it’s so satisfying that you won’t have the desire to eat anything more for the next few hours (at least that’s how I feel).

I’m sure you can tell I’m really into this bread recipe and I’ve been baking it around once a week lately. If you don’t need the whole loaf at once, just slice the bread, freeze it and just toast it until crispy when needed 🙂

The greatest thing: it takes you only 15 minutes to prepare the dough, no proving or similar required.

Now that I’ve finished my hymn of praise for the bread, let’s go in medias res 🙂

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Zesty summer banana bread with lemon, chia seeds & almonds

summer lemon banana bread

Fresh lemon banana bread for hot summer days

I really love banana bread, but when it’s above 30°C outside the usual scrumptuous chocolaty cinnamony banana bread is not that appealing to me (perfect for cold fall / winter days though, if you ask me). Therefore, I created this light, lemony banana bread for hot days which has more of a refreshing touch to it to make it work for summer. Also, I cut down a bit on butter and added some chia seeds (also for a nice crunch), so you can enjoy this with a good conscious. Last but not least, the almonds on top are just devine, totally worth baking around 5 banana breads to end up with this one 😉

Just some general things: a) mix the dry and the wet ingredients at the latest moment and as quickly as possible, stir as little as possible and get the banana bread into the oven as soon as you can, and b) make sure the butter is at room temperature / soft, it’s really no fun to try to beat the butter creamy when it’s too cold (I speak from experience… 😉 )

If you are a lemon and poppy seed combo lover and are not too concerned with super foods, just replace the chia seeds with poppy seeds and you basically have a nice lemon-poppy seed loaf 🙂 Let’s get started with this one, hope you like it!

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Brilliant monkey breakfast toastie with caramelized bananas & pears

Monkey Breakfast Toastie 1

Great healthy breakfast for a good start of your day

This is a super easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast dish that only takes a few minutes to prepare and will leave you wanting more! Banana and pear will turn soft and sweet, there is a hint of freshness from the lemon zest, creamy peanut butter and a nice crunch from the toasted bread. Kids will love this, too, and because you can just put a whole batch of them in the oven at the same time it’s great for a family brunch or similar.

I actually came up with this dish because I really don’t like to throw away food and this is a perfect way to use up bread that has already dried out a bit, as heating the peanut butter will add quite a bit of moisture to the bread. If using fresh bread this whole moisture thing is a bit tricky, so make sure that your slice of bread is not too thin. Also, since the consistency of bananas is a bit softer than the one of pears it’s better to make the pear slices a bit thinner, the banana slices a bit thicker.

Regarding the amount of ingredients: depending on how big the slice of bread is the amounts will vary, but you should be fine with the amounts stated (I added a bit of leeway…).

Alright, this will only take 10 minutes to prepare, so let’s get started!

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Apple strudel – crunchy muesli style

Applestrudel style muesli Marlene Johler Neni's Kitchen1-5

Viennese apple strudel for everyday

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”, is an old saying. “If the doctor is cute, forget the fruit!”, my little sister usually adds. But irrespective of what your sentiments towards your doctor’s looks are, you should really try this recipe! Basically, it tastes like the famous Austrian apple strudel (which is super awesome, of course), only takes 10 minutes to prepare and is filled with minerals and vitamins for a healthy start of your day. I really love this recipe, because I love apple strudel and this is a really easy way to get the flavor without baking or similar. 🙂

To add a nice crunch and a more nutty flavor, I like to make granola in a pan which can also be prepared in larger batches for the next time you crave apple strudel-style muesli or breakfast. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make granola or you want to go for the healthy (and also very delicious) version, just use plain oats.

Ready for some apple strudel? Then let’s get started!

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Spring-is-here pear, lemon & poppy seed porridge

poppy seed lemon pear porridge

For a fresh and healthy start of the day

I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother always used to make porridge for my sister and me. She had this very basic recipe where you just cook the oats in salted water and serve the porridge with fresh cream. Today still, this is my favorite version of porridge.

However, spring is in the air felt it was time to get a bit out of my porridge comfort zone and try something fresh and new. This recipe kind of reminds me of a lemon-poppy seed muffin (LOVE lemon poppy seed muffins by the way), but it’s also creamy and simply delicious! The spring-is-here porridge is fresh, has lots of texture and is very healthy, too! So here it goes: Continue reading