Red rose apple tartlets with chestnut filling

red rose apple tartlets (1 von 1)-3

The most delicious way to serve roses 

Some time ago, Wanja, a friend of mine who enjoys cooking very much as well, sent me a picture of these tartlets jokingly asking if they were something for this blog and I think they most definitely are! They are so pretty that I really wanted to create my own version of them. Since it’s still cold outside I decided to make a chestnut filling, which fits well to the season and is a nice contrast to the fruitiness of the apples.

I used red wine to color the apple slices. However, you can replace the red wine with cherry juice if you prefer that flavor or apple juice if you want your roses to have a cream color. Personally, I think the short crust pastry with its buttery flavor is fantastic for these tartlets. Just make sure that you use cold butter and eggs when preparing the dough and to knead it as quickly as possible. If you want to save some time I think it would also be possible to use filo pastry instead (I haven’t tried that though).

These tartlets are super pretty, but making the apple shaped roses takes quite a bit of time and skill. I remember Wanja telling me it would take a few hours and at first I thought to myself “Naaah, I’m gonna be much faster than that…” Turns out he was right; it takes quite a while indeed! 😉  Just don’t get frustrated and maybe spend one afternoon together with a friend baking (and eating) the tartlets. Continue reading

Delicious dried tomato & olive bread with aromatic herbs

dried tomato and olive bread (1 von 1)

Aromatic Mediterranean flavors meet incredible crust

My friend Miri stayed with me for a few weeks in summer and we basically spent our time cooking and experimenting with gin (tonic). As you can imagine, it was fantastic! 😉 She made a herbed bread similar to this one and it was still warm when we ate – it had this amazing crust and was – hands down – one of the best breads I’ve ever tried (so THANK YOU Miri!). So what I did is I added some dried tomatoes and olives to the bread to give it an even more mediterranean feel and it turned out to be a real treat to your taste buds. Because of the butter it gets an amazing crust and it’s very aromatic, too. I think it’s best to serve it for a nice Sunday brunch when it’s still warm, or as an appetizer with different spreads. Or just dip it in salted olive oil – I’m sure you’ll love it. Regarding spreads, I made one with soft goat cheese, fresh chopped rosemary, salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil, which took about 3 minutes to prepare and worked incredibly well. Remember that baking bread takes time as the dough needs time to prove, but trust me – this bread’s taste will more than compensate you for your effort! Continue reading