Coconut-squash soup with crispy prawns

Squash and cocnut soup

A hint of lemongrass, creamy coconut and squash – a combination to die for!

Quite frankly, I love everything about this soup. The flavors, the texture – everything is just so lovely. Lemongrass and the spiciness from chili and cayenne pepper are very subtle and blend in perfectly with the sweetness from the coconut milk.
For decoration, I used some lemon grass to keep the prawns from “drowning” in the soup.
If you feel like it, you can also add a little bit of pumpkin seed oil, which will add a somewhat earthy flavor or fresh coriander. Some toasted baguette or ciabatta would also work nicely. Preparing this soup is quite easy and the coconut flavor reminded me a bit of summer (which is especially nice when it’s grey and cold outside…). Try it! Continue reading

Plum strudel with orange-vanilla sauce


Warm, delicious fall treat 

This is perfect if you have some friends over for coffee in the afternoon. The warm flavors from the plums, cinnamon and orange-vanilla sauce work together very nicely. As always, it’s best to use ripe fruit in order to get the most flavor out of it.  Best serve the strudel when it’s still warm with the fresh orange-vanilla sauce – delicious.

Since strudel dough is something mostly used in Austria and Germany (as far as I know), you can use a sheet of puff pastry instead. In step 5, just place the puff pastry on top of the wet dish towel and brush with melted butter and sugar, then move on to step 6. Continue reading

Turkey chorizo sandwich with guacamole

Turkey-chorizo sandwich

Incredibly tasty, light, creamy and healthy

This is a great sandwich for a light lunch. What is great about this sandwich is not only the flavors, but also a lot of different textures. You have crispy, spicy chorizo, tender turkey breats, zingy and creamy guacamole – what else could you ask for?

What is most important is to use ripe avocados for the guacamole (otherwise, masking the avocados will be difficult and it won’t be as creamy and/or tasty). If you want to, just double the amount of ingredients of the guacamole and you can enjoy it another time with some tortilla chips or similar, which is great as well. Continue reading

Spaghetti with creamy roast peppers pesto, feta and arugula



Creamy, zingy & awesome

This is so flavorful, you will like it, trust me! I’m a fan of making pesto myself, because it’s so simple and so much tastier than the store-bought versions. Usually, it doesn’t take much longer to make homemade pesto. This one is an exception, because you have to roast the peppers first, which takes time of course.

This pesto has a lovely creamy consistency and the slight bitterness from the rocket really makes the dish a bit lighter. I used pointed peppers, but bell peppers are fine as well. Also, if you don’t feel like roasting the peppers yourself you could use the store-bought ones. In that case, you can skip right to step 4. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Sour-spicy vegetable soup

sour-spicy vegetable soup

Dead-easy, spicy, fresh and delicious

This recipe is perfect if you are looking for a new twist to a normal vegetable soup or also nice and warming when it’s cold outside. I personally love the lemon juice and mint, because they are a great counterpart to the spiciness from the chili. Also, this soup is that it is very easy and quick to make, so even if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking or don’t cook often, this should not be a problem. I am pretty sure it’s the easiest recipe I know!
Ingredient-wise it’s easiest to just buy a mirepoix in the supermarket, it basically contains all the veggies you need for this soup.
Note that the longer you cook the soup the spicier it will get and the bigger you cut the chunks of vegetables to longer you will have to cook them (duh!). Continue reading